Faculty News

Hopi Hoekstra

Your Harvard: Lessons in Observation with Hopi Hoekstra

March 8, 2017

"Science starts with an observation," Hopi Hoekstra told the crowd of more than 400 Harvard alumni at the Miami Faena Forum for the Your Harvard series.  Your Harvard are discussions sponsored by the Harvard Alumni Association throughout The Harvard Campaign that take place around the world and bring members of the global Harvard community together to connect with one another and with Harvard scholars and experts across a wide range of topics and research.


The Giribet Lab Sheds Light on The Opiliones Tree of Life

February 23, 2017

Postdocs, Rosa Fernandez and Ana Lucia Tourinho, former graduate student, Prashant P. Sharma and Gonzalo Giribet used transcriptomics on the broadest taxonomic sampling to shed light on the harvestmen (Opiliones) interrelationships.  As well, they pieced together an overview of the general biogeographic patterns of the ancient arthropod group that dates back at least to the times of Pangea.

Charles Davis by Stu Rosner

Colossal Blossom: Charles Davis Studies Rafflesia's Peculiar Genetics

February 22, 2017

Charles Davis first encountered the Rafflesia arnoldii flower in a small village in northern Borneo while studying the region's plant diversity. Many years later, Davis, Director of the Harvard University Herbaria and Curator of Vascular Plants, continues his research on the mysterious, beautiful bloom that attracts flies with its surprising scent of rotting meat. Davis's research is featured in the current issue of Harvard Magazine.

A Meeting of Land and Sea

"A Meeting of Land and Sea" by David R. Foster

January 26, 2017

David R. Foster's book, "A Meeting of Land and Sea. Nature and the Future of Martha's Vineyard" is based on 20 years of study by Harvard researchers. Foster will be reading from his book and signing copies at various upcoming events. You can find a list of these events and sign up to be notified of events here