Bence P. Ölveczky

Bence P. Ölveczky

Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Bence Olveczky

The research in my lab focuses on the principles and mechanisms used by neural circuits to generate complex, learned behaviors. We are using the songbird as a model system, concentrating our efforts on understanding the process of vocal learning. By measuring from and manipulating the circuits involved in this process, we hope to arrive at a mechanistic description of how song learning is implemented by neurons and their connections.

Recent Publications

Ölveczky BP, Andalman AS and Fee MS, 2005. Vocal Experimentation in the Juvenile Songbird Requires a Basal Ganglia Circuit. PLoS Biol 3(5): e153 70:412-420.

Smallwood PM, Ölveczky BP, Williams GM, Jacobs HJ, Reese BE, Meister M and Nathans J., 2003. Genetically engineered mice with a novel class of cone photoreceptors: implications for the evolution of color vision. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.100 (20): 11706-11711

Ölveczky BP, Baccus SA and Meister M., 2003. Segregation of object and background motion in the retina. Nature 423: 401-8.

Contact Information

Northwest Labs, Rm 219.30
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Office phone: 617-496-9114

Faculty Support: Shuli Bigelow

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