OEB Seminar Series


Thursday, September 7, 2017, 4:00pm


Biological Labs Lecture Hall, 1080, 16 Divinity Avenue

Scott EdwardsScott Edwards
Harvard University, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
"Surveying Evolutionary Biology the Swedish Way: Bringing Experts Together at the University of Gothenburg"

In this talk I will present a snapshot of my activities while on sabbatical at the University of Gothenburg in Gothenburg, Sweden during Spring 2017.  The Gothenburg Center for Advanced Studies (GoCas), where I served as International Chair for Spring 2017, is a collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University, who share a math department, among others. The goal of the Chair is to convene international groups of scholars for multiple workshops around an overarching theme focusing on a curiosity-driven science, in my case “The Origins of Biodiversity”.  With help from lots of friends and colleagues at U. Gothenburg, we organized five workshops focusing on various topics in evolutionary biology, including Neotropical biodiversity, sexual selection and sexual conflict, phylogenomics, and the role of museums in 21st century evolutionary biology. I will present some of the results of these workshops and show how current research in my lab touches on many of the themes that drove our deliberations during the spring.

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