Biological Collections for Understanding Biodiversity in the Anthropocene

November 19, 2018
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B v374(1763)

Postdoctoral researcher, Emily Meineke (Davis Lab), former postdoctoral researcher, Barnabas Daru (Davis Lab) and Prof. Charles Davis teamed with Prof. Jonathan Davies, University of British Columbia to serve as co-editors of a special issue of Philosophical Transactions B, (v374:1763). 

The special issue is dedicated to looking at the creative ways researchers around the world have used biological collections. Scientists can extract DNA from collections obtained by botanists and naturalists more than a century ago to shed light on the effects of global change, pathogens, and fungal-driven amphibian extinctions. The editors argue for preservation of the collections for future generations, who will have new technologies available for possibly even better understanding of the secrets the collections hold.

Media: The Harvard Gazette