Congratulations November Graduates!

November 16, 2020
OEB Darwin Shield

Congratulations to our PhD candidates who successfully defended and earned their doctorate November 2020!!

  • Meghan Blumstein (N. Michele Holbrook Lab), "The plastic and adaptive potential of sugar storage in temperate trees under climate change"
  • Liming Cai (Charles Davis Lab), "Phylogeny and genome evolution of the flowering plant clade Malpighiales"
  • Blake Dickson (Stephanie Pierce Lab), "Evolution¬†of the tetrapod forelimb and functional morphology of the humerus across water-land transitions"
  • Zachary Morris (Stephanie Pierce Lab), "Cause and consequences of lung loss in salamanders"
  • Pavitra Muralidhar (David Haig and Jonathan Losos Lab), "On the evolution of sex and its consequences"
  • Kari Taylor-Burt (Andrew Biewener Lab), "How to waddle with a paddle: A study of duck hindlimb anatomy, kinematics, and muscle function across behaviors and species"
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