Congratulations OEB 2020 PhD Graduates!

May 29, 2020

Congratulations to our incredible group of 2020 PhD graduates!

2020 OEB PhD Graduates

Top Row: 

  • Holly Elmore (David Haig Lab), "Ecological population genomics in the emerging amanita system"
  • Brent Hawkins (James Hanken and Matther P. Harris Labs), "Latent developmental potential to form limb-like structures in fish fins revealed by mutations in the Vav2/N-WASP pathway"
  • Pavitra Muralidhar (David Haig and Jonathan Losos Labs), "On the evolution of sex and its consequences"
  • Nathan Edelman (James Mallet Lab), "Evolutionary effects of hybridization"
  • Caitlin Baker (Gonzalo Giribet Lab), "Phylogenetics and biogeography of soil invertebrates across Gondwana"

Middle Row:

  • Ava Mainieri (David Haig Lab), "The sins of our kin: From genomic imprinting to ancient signaling systems"
  • Jacob Gable (Hopi Hoekstra Lab), "The behavioral consequences and developmental genetic causes of whisker evolution in deer mice"

Bottom Row:

  • Éadaoin Harney (John Wakeley and David Reich Labs), "Exploring the human past during the ancient DNA revolution"
  • Nathan Ranc (Paul Moorcroft Lab), "The interplay between memory and resource preferences drives animal space-use patterns"
  • Sebastian Akle Serrano (Michael Desai and Shamil Sunyaev Labs), "Strategies for gene discovery and mechanistic insight using pleiotropy and induced mutagenesis"
  • Mara Laslo (James Hanken Lab), "Evolutionary conservation of endocrine-mediated development in the direct-developing frog, Eleutherodactylus coqui"
  • Jacob Cohen (Peter Girguis Lab), "The ecophysiology of iron-oxidizing Zetaproteobacteria: Microbe-mineral interactions, transcriptomic responses, and biomineralization"
  • Blake Dickson (Stephanie Pierce Lab), "Evolution of the tetrapod forelimb and functional morphology of the humerus across water-land transitions"

Congratulatory Video

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