How Tall Trees Move Sugars

December 18, 2017
Tall Trees by Andrew Malone

Missy Holbrook, Jessica Savage (former Holbrook Lab postdoc), Juan Losada (Arnold Arboretum Fellow), and Jessica Gersony (PhD student) collaborated with Michael Knoblauch, Washington State University, and Kaare Jensen (former Holbrook lab postdoc), Technical University of Denmark, to answer the long-lasting question of how trees maintain efficient sugar transport as they grow taller. The study, published in Nature Plants, showed the key to the mystery of how taller trees can move nutrients longer distances lies in the ability of the phloem structure, which transports carbohydrates, to change with increasing height. The study provides evidence that plants of all sizes use the same system to transport sugars.  Harvard Gazette 

Image courtesy of Andrew Malone, flickr "Tall Trees"
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