Izzy Baker Hunting Bubbles On The R/V Falkor

September 7, 2018
Izzy Baker on R/V Falkor

PhD student, Izzy Baker (Girguis Lab) is on the R/V Falkor off the coast of Oregon (where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean), exploring methane seeps in the Cascadia Margin. Specifically, Izzy is exploring the microbial communities that live in and around these seeps in order to better understand the role microbes may play in transforming the chemistry at these ocean sites. The coolest part of the expedition for Izzy and the crew is when the methane escapes the seafloor as bubbles, resulting in stunning plumes of bubbles.

You can follow the R/V Falkor as it moves along the coast and read more about Izzy's work on the ship.

Image: Izzy on the R/V Falkor (courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute)
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