Postdoc News


The Giribet Lab Sheds Light on The Opiliones Tree of Life

February 23, 2017

Postdocs, Rosa Fernandez and Ana Lucia Tourinho, former graduate student, Prashant P. Sharma and Gonzalo Giribet used transcriptomics on the broadest taxonomic sampling to shed light on the harvestmen (Opiliones) interrelationships.  As well, they pieced together an overview of the general biogeographic patterns of the ancient arthropod group that dates back at least to the times of Pangea.

David Des Marais

David Des Marais Awarded DOE's Joint Genome Institute Grant

September 15, 2016

David Des Marais (OEB Research Associate and Senior Fellow of the Arnold Arboretum) has been awarded a grant from the Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute to investigate the genetic basis of annual and perennial strategies in plants. David will lead a team of scientists from University of Wisconsin, the University of Vermont, Michigan State University, and the University of Zaragosa (Spain). The team will work with several species in the grass genus Brachpodium growing in the Arnold Arboretum's Weld Hill Research building.