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Life Reconstruction. Original artwork created by scientific illustrator Davide Bonadonna.

Water-to-land transition in early tetrapods

November 25, 2020

The water-to-land transition is one of the most important and inspiring major transitions in vertebrate evolution. And the question of how and when tetrapods transitioned from water to land has long been a source of wonder and scientific debate.

Early ideas posited that drying-up-pools of water stranded fish on land and that being out of water provided the selective pressure to evolve more limb-like appendages to walk back to water. In the 1990s newly discovered specimens suggested that the first tetrapods retained many aquatic features, like gills and a tail fin, and that...

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Liming Cai

Liming Cai Receives Dorothy M. Skinner Award

November 20, 2020
Congratulations to Liming Cai, PhD ‘20 (Davis Lab) recipient of the Dorothy M. Skinner Award from the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology for her presentation, “Deeply altered genome architecture in the iconic endoparasitic flowering plant Rafflesiaceae”. The award recognizes women Ph.D. students and/or postdoctoral fellows who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship and show high potential for continued excellence in research.
OEB Darwin Shield

Congratulations November Graduates!

November 16, 2020

Congratulations to our PhD candidates who successfully defended and earned their doctorate November 2020!!

  • Meghan Blumstein (N. Michele Holbrook Lab), "The plastic and adaptive potential of sugar storage in temperate trees under climate change"
  • Liming Cai (Charles Davis Lab), "Phylogeny and genome evolution of the flowering plant clade Malpighiales"
  • Blake Dickson (Stephanie Pierce Lab), "Evolution of the tetrapod forelimb and functional morphology of the humerus...
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Spring Cutting by Daniel Flynn

Predicting Shifts in Nature's Lifecycles

October 19, 2020

In nature, the timing of recurring annual lifecycle events affects many aspects of the ecosystem and ecology. In trees the timing of a leaf’s developing bud dictates the length of the growing season and carbon cycling, it mediates competition among plants and controls interactions with pests and pathogens.

The timing of spring buds developing in woody plants – trees, shrubs – is mainly controlled by environmental cues...

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OEB 119

Students in OEB 119: Deep Sea Biology are “going to sea” virtually!

September 28, 2020

The oceans contain 97% of Earth's water, and host the most disparate ecosystems on the planet. OEB 119 provides an introduction to deep ocean habitats, macrofauna and microorganisms. And this semester, Professor Peter Girguis is taking students to the ocean online! Prof. Girguis has led multiple cruises as Chief Scientist with Schmidt Ocean aboard the R/V Falkor.

Enjoy a video about OEB 119 created by the Derek Bok Center:


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