David R. Foster

David R. Foster

Director of Harvard Forest
Senior Lecturer on Biology
David R. Foster

Plant ecology, landscape dynamics, conservation and long-term studies of forest ecosystems.

Recent Publications

Lindbladh M, Oswald WW, DR Foster, et al, 2007. A late-glacial transition from Picea glauca to Picea mariana in southern New England. Quaternary Research 67 (3): 502-508

Oswald WW, EK Faison, DR Foster, et al, 2007. Post-glacial changes in spatial patterns of vegetation across southern New England. Journal of Biogeography 34(5): 900-913

D'Amato AW, DA Orwig, DR Foster, 2006. New estimates of Massachusetts old-growth forests: Useful data for regional conservation and forest reserve planning.Northeastern Naturalist 13 (4): 495-506

Foster DR, WW Oswald, EK Faison, et al, 2006. A climatic driver for abrupt mid-Holocene vegetation dynamics and the hemlock decline in New England. Ecology87 (12): 2959-2966

Faison EK, DR Foster, WW Oswald, et al, 2006. Early Holocene openlands in southern New England. Ecology 87 (10): 2537-2547

Contact Information

Harvard Forest
Shaler Hall
324 N Main St
Petersham, MA 01366
p: 617-495-4904

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