Jonathan Losos

Jonathan Losos

Monique and Philip Lehner Professor for the Study of Latin America
Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Curator in Herpetology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Jonathan Losos

Faculty Support: Jared Hughes

My research concerns the origin and maintenance of biological diversity: where do species come from, what directs the evolutionary course they take, and what ongoing ecological processes affect them today? To study such questions, my laboratory integrates approaches from systematics, ecology, behavior, genetics and functional morphology, taking both observational and experimental approaches in the field and in the laboratory. In many respects, lizards are ideal organisms for such synthetic studies.

Recent Publications

Kolbe, J.J., P. VanMiddlesworth, A.C. Battles, J.T. Stroud, B. Buffum, R.T.T. Forman, and J.B. Losos. 2016. Determinants of spread in an urban landscape by an introduced lizard. Landscape Ecology 31: 1795–1813.

Mahler, D.L., S.M. Lambert, A.J. Geneva, J. Ng, S.B. Hedges, J.B. Losos, and R.E. Glor. 2016. Discovery of a giant chameleon-like lizard (Anolis) on Hispaniola and its significance to understanding replicated adaptive radiations. American Naturalist 188:357-364.

Stroud, J.T., and J.B. Losos. 2016. Ecological opportunity and adaptive radiation. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 47:507-532.

Ingram, T., A. Harrison, D.L. Mahler, M.d.R. Castañeda, R.E. Glor, A. Herrel, Y.E. Stuart and J.B. Losos. 2016. Comparative tests of the role of dewlap size in Anolis lizard speciation. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 283: 20162199.

Sherratt, E., M.d.R., Castañeda, R. Garwood, D.L. Mahler, T.J. Sanger, A. Herrel, K. de Queiroz, and J.B. Losos. 2015. Amber fossils demonstrate deep-time stability of Caribbean lizard communities. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112:9961-9966.

Muñoz, M.M., M.A. Stimola, A.C. Algar, A. Conover, A. Rodriguez, M.A. Landestoy, G.S. Bakken, and J.B. Losos. 2014. Evolutionary stasis and lability in thermal physiology in a group of tropical lizards. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 281:20132433.

Sanger, T.J., S.M. Seav, M. Tokita, B. Langerhans, L.M. Ross, J.B. Losos, and A. Abzhanov. 2014. The oestrogen pathway underlies the evolution of exaggerated male cranial shapes in Anolis lizards. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 281:20140329.

Steinberg, D.S., J.B. Losos, T.W. Schoener, D.A. Spiller, J.J. Kolbe, and M. Leal. 2014. Predator-associated modulation of movement-based signals by a Bahamian lizard. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111:9187-9192.

Castañeda, M.d.R, E. Sherratt, and J.B. Losos. 2014. The Mexican amber anole, Anolis electrum, within a phylogenetic context: implications for the origins of Caribbean anoles. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 172:133-144.

Helmus, M.R., D.L. Mahler, and J.B. Losos. 2014. Island biogeography of the Anthropocene. Nature 513:543-546.

Stuart, Y.E., T.S. Campbell, P.A. Hohenlohe, R.G. Reynolds, L.J. Revell, and J.B. Losos. 2014. Rapid evolution of a native species following invasion by a congener. Science 346:463-466.

Losos, J.B., S.J. Arnold, G. Bejerano, E.D. Brodie III, D. Hibbett, H.E. Hoekstra, D.P. Mindell, A. Monteiro, C. Moritz, H.A. Orr, D.A. Petrov, S.S. Renner, R.E. Ricklefs, P.S. Soltis, and T. L. Turner. 2013. Evolutionary biology for the 21st Century. PLoS Biology e1001466:1-8.

Stuart, Y.E., and J.B. Losos. 2013. Ecological character displacement: glass half full or half empty? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28:402-408.

Hertz, P.E., Y. Arima, A. Harrison, R.B. Huey, J.B. Losos, and R.E. Glor. 2013. Asynchronous evolution of physiology and morphology in Anolis lizards. Evolution 67:2101-2113.

Mahler, D.L., T. Ingram, L.J. Revell, and J.B. Losos. 2013. Exceptional convergence on the macroevolutionary landscape in island lizard radiations. Science 341:292-295.

Sanger, T.J., E. Sherratt, J.W. McGlothlin, E.D. Brodie III, J.B. Losos, and A. Abzhanov. 2013. Convergent evolution of sexual dimorphism in skull shape using distinct developmental strategies. Evolution 67:2180-2193.

Kolbe, J.J., M. Leal, T.W. Schoener, D.A. Spiller, and J.B. Losos. 2012. Founder effects persist despite adaptive differentiation: a field experiment with lizards. Science 335:1086-1089.

Losos, J.B., M.L. Woolley, D.L. Mahler, O. Torres-Carvajal, K.E. Crandell, E.W. Schaad, A.E. Narváez, F. Ayala-Varela, and A. Herrel. 2012. Notes on the natural history of the little-known Ecuadorian horned anole, Anolis proboscis. Breviora 531:1-17.

Lopez-Darias, M., T.W. Schoener, D.A. Spiller, and J.B. Losos. 2012. Predators determine how weather affects the spatial niche of lizard prey: exploring niche dynamics at a fine-scale. Ecology 93:2512-2518.

Wang, I., R.E. Glor, and J.B. Losos. 2013. Quantifying the roles of ecology and geography in spatial genetic divergence and reproductive isolation. Ecology Letters 16: 175-182.

Contact Information

Museum of Comparative Zoology Labs, Rm 206
26 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138



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