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Scientific Journal & Text Donation

July 11, 2016

Do you have journals or texts taking up space in your lab or department? Donate them to the University of Science and Technology in Kenya! Donation boxes may be found at the following locations from August 17th-31st:

  • Lise Cafe
  • NW Cafe
  • Bauer Cafe
  • Hoffman Lobby
  • BioLabs Reuse Room 1041

If you have any questions, please contact Christian Flynn at

Green Your Office

Green leaf

The Green Office website offers practical, Harvard-wide tips and resources for greening your office. Each of the resource conservation topics covered provides a quick overview of actions you may choose to take and a wide range of resources (fact sheets, PDF files, posters, etc.). Join the dozens of offices across Harvard who are Green Offices.

The OEB Administration Office has achieved Leaf Four Certification.

The Lauder Lab has achieved Leaf One Certification.

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Green Your Lab

Green Labs at Harvard

The FAS Lab Certification Program is a customized approach to identifying and addressing opportunities for waste and energy reduction in labs across campus. The collaborative process involves working with lab members to identify sustainability opportunities within their spaces, and sharing best practices related to energy efficiency, water reduction, lab material recycling, purchasing, and toxic waste reduction and prevention. By implementing simple and effective changes, the process often leads to a more efficient workflow and organized space.

The Hoekstra Lab has achieved Green Lab Certification. Congratulations!

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Greenie of the Month

Do you know someone who should be recognized for their sustainability efforts? Email your Team Leader a 
Greenie of the Month nomination!

OFS Green Tips

If you have an office thermostat, lower it to 62.
Students: Buildings are heated throughout the winter break to keep January term students warm. If you’re not one of them, do your part by turning your radiator all the way down.


In dorms, kitchens, and offices. “Phantom Loads” add up fast and can account for 8% of energy use per year!

  • Power strips
  • Computer/Monitor/Printer/Fax and Copy Machines
  • Coffee Makers, Tea Kettles, Microwaves, and Appliances
  • Task lighting
  • What you can’t unplug
  • Main lights if you're the last one out the door
  • Blinds in your dorm or workspace.
  • Storm windows, where applicable. Storm windows can prevent 25-50% of heat loss!

Change the Way You Think

University Sustainability Impact Report

On October 22, 2012, President Faust announced the Office for Sustainability's release of Harvard’s first University-wide Sustainability Impact Report. The 2015 sustainability reports can be read here.

Green Team Contacts & Links

Check out our Green Boards! A big thank you to our building champions for caring for the boards!

  • Administration - outside of Anna Salvato’s office, championed by Christian Flynn
  • MCZ Labs - outside of the Lauder Lab, championed by Maggie Starvish
  • MCZ - outside of Ernst Mayr Library, championed by Melissa Aja
  • HUH - inside the mail room, championed by Jeannette Everritt