OEB Special Seminar


Friday, November 15, 2019, 12:30pm


Geological Museum Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford Street

Shane Campbell-StatonShane Campbell-Staton
Assistant Professor, UCLA Institute for Society & Genetics

"Unnatural Histories: Towards an Integrative Understanding of Adaptation to Anthropogenic Change"

Abstract: Human activity has become a near-ubiquitous force of evolutionary change throughout the Tree of Life. Understanding the cascading consequences of this change across multiple levels of biological hierarchy has revealed important insights into the vast footprint of our species across the planet. Further, Anthropogenic evolution has offered a fascinating testing ground to explore long-standing questions across ecology and evolution as the process plays out in real time. Dr. Shane Campbell-Staton will present his current and ongoing research into adaptive response of wild populations to anthropogenic stressors. He will discuss his work exploring repeated physiological adaptation of Carribean lizards to urban environments and the consequences of poaching-mediated selection on tusk morphology in the African elephant. Lastly, Dr. Campbell-Staton will share his current and ongoing efforts to use contemporary evolution and science fiction to engage diverse audiences in the scientific process in formal and informal settings.

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