Department Faculty

Brian D. Farrell

Brian D. Farrell

Sabbatical, Academic Year 2018-2019
Monique and Philip Lehner Professor for the Study of Latin America, Professor of Biology, Curator of Entomology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology,
Director of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, Faculty Dean of Leverett House of Harvard College
The Museum of Comparative Zoology Labs
26 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Hopi Hoekstra

Hopi E. Hoekstra

Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard College Professor, Curator of Mammalogy in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Biological Laboratories
16 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-9040