IB Concentrators Awarded 2020 Hoopes Prize

May 27, 2020

Congratulations to the following IB concentrators awarded the 2020 Hoopes Prize:

  • Dylan Ryals (Farrell Lab) for his project, “Of Mites and Men: Using Spatially Explicit Sampling and Genetic Sequencing to Uncover Disease Dynamics of Honeybee Parasite Varroa destructor in Migratory Apiculture.”
  • Allison Shu Ting Law (Giribet Lab) for her project, "Consider the Lobster Ectocommensal, Symbion americanus: Phylogeographic Analysis Reveals Spatial Niche Partitioning on Host Mouthparts"
  • Chinmay Sonawane (Haig Lab) for his project, "A Defence of the Queens of Africa: The Public Health and Economic Benefits of Spotted Hyenas (Crocuta crocuta)”
  • Adele Woodmansee (Davis Lab) for her project, "‘It is Pure Criollo Maize’: Subsistence Agriculture and Ideas of Locality and Contamination in San Miguel del Valle, Oaxaca"