Bence P. Ölveczky

Bence P. Ölveczky

On Leave Fall 2022
Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
Bence Olveczky

Faculty Support: Shuli Bigelow

The research in my lab focuses on the principles and mechanisms by which neural circuits acquire and generate complex behaviors. We are using the rodent as a model system, concentrating our efforts on understanding the process of motor sequence learning. By measuring and manipulating activity in underlying circuits, we hope to arrive at a mechanistic description of how motor sequence are learned and produced by neurons and their connections.

Recent Publications


Otchy TM,  Wolff SBE, Rhee JY, Pehlevan C, Kawai R, Kempf A, Gobes SMH, and Ölveczky BP. Acute off-target effects of neural circuit manipulations. Nature 528, 358–363. December 2015.

Kawai R, Markman T, Dhawale A, Poddar R, Fantana A, Kampff AR,  and Ölveczky BP. Motor cortex is required for learning but not for executing a motor skill. Neuron 86(3): 800–812, May 2015.

Ali F, Otchy TM, Pehlevan C, Fantana AL, Burak Y and Ölveczky BP.  The Basal ganglia is necessary for learning spectral, but not temporal, features of birdsong. Neuron 80(2):494-506. October 2013.


Contact Information

Northwest Building
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-9114

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