Donald H. Pfister

Donald H. Pfister

Asa Gray Research Professor of Systematic Botany,
Curator of the Farlow Library and Herbarium, Emeritus
Donald Pfister

Faculty Support: Tracy Barbaro

My research centers on the biology and systematics of fungi, particularly members of the fungus classes Pezizomycetes and the Leotiomycetes, both belonging to ascomycete groups. Using molecular, life history and morphological methods we strive to understand relationships within these groups and to uncover their diversity. In addition, I study the history of collections and collectors.

Recent Publications

Daru B.H., Bowman E. A., Pfister D. H., Arnold A. E. 2018. A novel proof of concept for capturing the diversity of endophytic fungi preserved in herbarium specimens. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 374 (1763): 20170395.

Quijada, L., Johnston P. R., Cooper J. A., Pfister D. H. 2018. Overview of Phacidiales, including Aotearoamyces gen. nov. on Nothofagus. IMA Fungus 9 (2): 371-382.

Haelewaters, D., Pfister D. H. 2019. Morphological species of Gloeandromyces (Ascomycota, Laboulbeniales) evaluated using single-locus species delimitation methods. Fungal Systematics and Evolution 3: 19-33.

Haelewaters, D., Pfliegler W.P., Gorczak M., Pfister D. H. 2019. Birth of an order: Comprehensive molecular phylogenetic study excludes Herpomyces (Fungi, Laboulbeniomycetes) from Laboulbeniales. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 133: 286-301.

Kraisitudomsook, N., Healy R.A., Mujic A.B., Pfister D.H., Nouhra E.R, Smith M.E. 2019. Systematic study of truffles in the genus Ruhlandiella, with the description of two new species from Patagonia. Mycologia 111: 477 - 492.

Xu, F., LoBuglio, K.F., Pfister D.H.. 2019. On the co-occurrence of species of Wynnea (Ascomycota, Pezizales, Sarcoscyphaceae) and Armillaria (Basidiomycota, Agaricales, Physalacriaceae). Fungal Systematics and Evolution 4:1-12.

Karakehian, J.M., Quijada, L., Friebes, G., Tanney, J.B., Pfister, D.H. 2019. Placement of Triblidiaceae in Rhytismatales and comments on unique ascospore morphologies in Leotiomycetes (Fungi, Ascomycota). MycoKeys 54: 99 - 133

Quijada, L., Polhorsky, A., Mitchell, J., Pfister, D.H. 2019. Disentangling the identity of the genus Biatorellina (Leotiomycetes, Ascomycota). Phytokeys 411 (3): 183-193.

Contact Information

Harvard University Herbaria
22 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-495-2368


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