George V. Lauder

George V. Lauder

Sabbatical Spring 2020
Professor of Biology, Harvard College Professor,
Henry Bryant Bigelow Professor of Ichthyology, Curator of Ichthyology in the Museum of Comparative Zoology
George Lauder

Faculty Support: Maggie Starvish

Biorobotics and structure, function, and evolution of vertebrates, particularly fishes. Current studies include (1) research on a variety of fish robotic models, and (2) investigation of the biomechanics of aquatic locomotion in sharks and ray-finned fishes using quantitative flow visualization. Additional interests include biological fluid mechanics, theoretical approaches to the analysis form and function in organisms, and the history and philosophy of morphology and physiology.

Recent Publications


2019.  Zhu, J., White, C. Wainwright, D. K., Di Santo, V., Lauder, G. V. and Bart-Smith, H.. Tuna robotics: a high-frequency experimental platform exploring the performance space of swimming fishes.  Science Robotics, in press.

2018.  Ankhelyi, M., Wainwright, D.K., G. V. Lauder.  Diversity of dermal denticle structure in sharks: skin surface roughness and three-dimensional morphology.  Journal of Morphology 279: 1132-1154.

2018.  Domel, A. G., Domel, G., Weaver, J., Saadat, M., Bertoldi, K., Lauder, G. V. Hydrodynamic properties of biomimetic shark skin: effect of denticle size and swimming speed.  Bioinspiration and Biomimetics 13: 056014.

2018.  Gravish, N. and G. V. Lauder.  Robotics-inspired biology.  Journal of Experimental Biology 221: doi:10.1242/jeb.138438.    


2016.  Lauder, G. V., Wainwright, D. K., Domel, A. G., Weaver, J., Wen, L., Bertoldi, K.  Structure, biomimetics, and fluid dynamics of fish skin surfaces.  Physical Review Fluids 1, 060502.

Contact Information

The Museum of Comparative Zoology Labs
26 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138



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