Martin A. Nowak

Martin A. Nowak

Professor of Mathematics and Biology
Director of the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics
Martin A. Nowak

Faculty Support: Katherine Gallagher

Martin Nowak is fascinated by all questions of biology and regrets that he can work only on some. He initiated the field of virus dynamics which led to a quantitative understanding of HIV infection. He contributed to the long-standing problem of evolution of cooperation introducing spatial games, generous tit-for-tat, win-stay, lose-shift and indirect reciprocity. In an effort to describe the evolution of human language, he designed a mathematical approach bringing together formal linguistics, learning theory, and evolutionary dynamics. His most recent work is devoted to the somatic evolution of cancer and the role of genetic instability.

Contact Information

One Brattle Square
Suite 6
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-496-4737


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